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Frequently Asked Questions

james hirata

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you only photograph weddings? ? 

Apart from Weddings, we also do Portraits, Commercials and Fashion photography.

Q: So who will photograph my wedding? ? 

You can see works done by different photographers in our studio and choose the one that you like the best, and we will arrange for you and the photographer to meet before you wedding. 

Q: What happens if you are sick or can’t make it? ? 

This is the worst case scenario for photographers as well as brides! After so much time spent with the couple and organising the photos photographers are really excited about the wedding too. But if this should happen they should have a backup, under no circumstance should you be left without a wedding photographer. 

Q: Why hire a professional photographer? ? 

So often we hear “One of our friends has offered to take the photographs at our wedding”. This is usually followed by “It will save us money”. This is the biggest day of your life, you have bought a stunning dress, spent hours researching and creating a day for all to remember. You need to have a perfect record of the event. Professional photographers will arrive on time, and are trained to shoot the day creatively and have the professional equipment to achieve a lot of the beautiful looks you see in professional images as well as back up equipment if something goes wrong. The photographer is used to working with Individuals and groups and we are there to get every possible picture, to record every tear, every smile, every kiss and create a wedding album that will be a family heirloom.

Wedding photographers spend much time perfecting their job, and know how to handle people or pose them correctly and place them in the right place for group shots. Also, they’re able to tidy up backgrounds in images, or tone down blemishes and any skin imperfections or hot skin tones. If you’ve spent a fortune on your dress and veil, or on other aspects of your wedding day, such as make-up, flowers, etc, the last thing you need is someone with no expertise taking pictures from unflattering angles or snap shots who has no sense of what is professional where it comes to touch up in Photoshop or other processing software. 

Many brides and grooms leave wedding photography as the last resort and then cannot book a photographer close to the date, or cannot afford a photographer because of blowing their wedding budget. Yet the photographer is the only one that can capture professional quality images of the wedding day itself and all those beautiful things you purchased to make your day special. 

Q: Why do wedding photographers cost so much? ? 

Most people have no idea how much effort can potentially go into a single wedding shoot! From start to finish a GREAT wedding photographer will do no less than the following:

  1. Meet with and continue to correspond with the wedding couple over the course of the preparation period to discuss and finalize the finer points of the day.
  2. Scope out the shooting venue or venues (where possible) to ensure that shot composition and lighting is optimized on the wedding day.
  3. Spend anywhere from 4 – 12 hours on the wedding day capturing every moment possible.
  4. Once the wedding is over, sift through potentially thousands of images to sort the ‘keepers’ from the ‘throw outs’.
  5. Digitally process and develop each individual ‘keeper’ to ensure that lighting, exposure, white balance and colour etc is optimized.
  6. Enhance and apply special effects to selected images such as duo-tones, selective colour or black and white conversion etc.
  7. Convert the digital negatives into JPEGs in different formats for printing.
  8. Produce a beautifully crafted hand made album.
  9. Produce a DVD slideshow of selected images.
  10. Ensure that the other ‘nuts and bolts’ of the process are seamless and professional to ensure that the Bride and Groom have beautiful memories of their day!

As you can see there are hours upon hours spent in the digital photography process. A single wedding shoot can take anywhere from 10-40 hours from start to finish. 

Q: How much do u charge for travel? ? 

For weddings within 20km from Auckland CBD, we have no travel fee. For all other areas, contact us and we’ll give you a quote. 

Q: Do you travel out of Auckland? ? 

Yes, we can travel all over New Zealand and overseas, travelling and accommodation expenses are quoted at the time of the enquiry. 

Q: Are there any dates that you will not shoot a wedding? ? 

No, we can do photo shoot throughout the whole year. 

Q: What equipment do you use? ? 

We use professional grade Canon and Nikon photography equipment e.g. camera, lenses and flash units. We use a combination of portrait and wide angle lenses which work well in low light situations. We also carry back up equipments should the primary equipment fail on the day. 

Q: So how much will it cost? What packages do you offer? ? 

Have a look at our packages here keeping in mind that these can be tailored to suit individual needs. 

Q: What does a photography Package consist of? ? 

A photography package includes the number of hours that you request, the images in high resolution on a disc, retouched photos and also enlargement prints or albums if wanted. We feel that these images are yours and unlike a lot of photography companies we release the high-resolution images so that you can print them. However we offer very competitive prices for printing and of course this also ensures the colour reproduction is brilliant. We are totally flexible and as we only shoot one wedding on the day, if you decide that you want us to stay for longer it’s not a problem. 

Q: Do you have an assistant or second photographer? ? 

This depends on the size of the wedding but yes typically we bring an assistant to carry the gear and help with the lighting. We do not usually use a second photographer unless it is a large wedding, we will discuss this with you and make a recommendation based on your wedding plan. 

Q: How do we book you as our wedding photographer? ? 

The best thing to do is email us with your wedding date (if you have not done this already) and we will check our diary to first let you know if we are available for your date. Following this, we will need to meet with you and have a proper chat about what you are looking for, your priorities and what is important to you. If you can’t do that in person, we can phone or email. There is no obligation to book us as photographers, it’s just we feel we need to get along well with all clients as it involves spending a lot of time with them on what is one of the most important day of their lives. Getting to know each other, everyone feels comfortable with photos being taken etc. This also gives you chance to meet us and be sure we are the right photographers for you before booking. Once you are happy to go ahead with booking, in order to secure your booking, a $500 deposit is required. Once you choose to book us as photographers for your wedding day you will need to sign a contract, which protects all parties. 

Q: Why do we need to sign a contract? ? 

A contract is the only way for you to be legally covered with regards to your wedding photography. Be wary of photographers who do not work with contracts in place as you have absolutely no guarantee that they will turn up on your wedding day and shoot, not even after making a deposit. Many couples have booked amateur photographers this way, paid a deposit and the photographer has let them down. The contract protects both parties and is your insurance that you will receive a photography service or at the very least your money back if that does not eventuate. Some photographers do not charge a deposit simply because they perceive it is a convenience for the couple, when in fact it is a part more a convenience for the photographer if they do not show up on the day. You have nothing to prove that an arrangement was legally made.

Q: Do you have a dress code? ? 

Yes. We feel that it is very important that we are dressed professionally and appropriately. We will tailor our dress to your wedding. 

Q: How many images do you shoot? ? 

You can expect to end up with around 100 per hour of photography. We do not necessarily process all images, but you will receive everything we shoot with the exception of anywhere people blink etc. These will be deleted. We work 80-150 images and more to high quality airbrushed standards if necessary depending upon the package and the rest receive basic retouching to professional standards. 

Q: Do you give away the copyright to your images? ? 

No. However you have unrestricted rights to the high-resolution images that we give you, you can print, duplicate, and enlarge etc as you please. Kylin Image Photography retain the copyright so that the images can be used for promotional purposes such as our website. 

Q: What happens if it rains? ? 

We prepare for this eventuality when we are looking at photo shoot locations – if you are having an outdoor ceremony it is a great idea to have a backup plan in mind in case it rains, so all your guests don’t get wet! 

You will be surprised how beautiful images with bridal party carrying umbrellas look. It can all add a touch of mood and passion to the day itself, and you can be sure that we will make the most of it! Clouds are pretty useful too, they filter bright light, so instead of getting all those harsh shadows under chins, the shadows are nice and soft. So don’t be too upset about clouds on your day. We are sure you have seen gorgeous pictures with stormy clouds – far more dramatic and beautiful than a plain blue sky at times. 

Q: Do you take photos during the ceremony? ? 

Yes we do – however our goal is to remain as unobtrusive as possible. Also, some places of worship have very strict rules on the use of flash / photographers moving during the ceremony – please check with your officiate if there are any such rules at your ceremony venue, so we can incorporate this into our planning. 

Q: What can I do personally to prepare for photos on the day? ? 

One of the things we have requested from clients in the past is to send through any wedding images they like from friends, family and general browsing on the Internet. We will do our best to match your desired style and re-invent any compositions you are particularly keen on.
The most important thing however is to allow yourself plenty of time for photos at a location (or locations) of your choice. We like to spend at least 1 hour in a relaxed creative shoot with the bride, groom and party. This is besides the ceremony, reception and other festivities.

Planning plenty of time for travel and location shoots is critical to ensuring more and more fabulous images. It also ensures that you remain relaxed and ‘unflustered’ on the day. 

Q: What makes the best photos? ? 

There is no “golden rule” as to what will make a good photo, but there are definitely two factors that make a difference:
1. Being relaxed. Feel free to chat, play around, chill out and relax on the photo shoot. You don’t even need to be looking at the camera to get a great shot!
2. How adventurous you are feeling? Are you happy to kick off your shoes and walk on the beach? Walk into a field? Sit on a park bench? Let us know what you are comfortable with, and we’ll work the photo shoot to suit. 

It is very important to us that we have your input, so at the pre-wedding appointment we sit down and discuss what pictures you would like, which ones you must have. We like to know the names of the best man so that we can make sure he is around to advise us on who’s who. This way you can relax and enjoy the day. We pride ourselves on discretion and appreciate that sometimes there can be conflicts between relatives and so you can be assured of our total sensitivity to these situations. [/icon]

Q: How can I ensure that I have amazing photos to show my friends and family? ? 

There are two main factors which influence the way photos look – printing and monitor calibration. First, printing. There are huge differences in quality between different printing places. We use Pro Lab for our album prints, and highly recommend ordering prints through us to ensure you get perfect quality prints, the way they are supposed to look.
Second, your computer monitor. All computer screens vary greatly in terms of colour, contrast, and brightness. It is quite easy to adjust your screen so that your photos look perfect – just using the “contrast” & “brightness” settings on the screen can make a world of difference. 

Q: How long does the photography take? ? 

We appreciate that you want to be with your guests, so we aim to spend a minimum of 30 minutes with the group shots. The all important photographs with the bride and groom vary according to where you have decided that you would like those photographs to take place. The amount of time you allocate for your bridal party photo shoot is completely up to you, however we have found that 1 1/2 – 2 hours is a great amount of time. Remember to factor in travel time between locations & to the reception. 

Q: Who should come on our photo shoot? Just us? The whole bridal party? ? 

Again, this is completely up to you – however, bear in mind that the more people you have (including really large bridal parties) the longer it takes to set up the shots. Often we aim to begin the photo shoot with the larger bridal party shots, and then do some individual ones of just the two of you. If you have young children as part of your bridal party, keep in mind that they become tired quickly – maybe arrange to have someone along that is able to look after them. 

Q: How long do we have to wait for the pictures? ? 

We will have your images burnt onto a DVD within a week of your wedding, after you have emailed us your photo selections for editing, they will be ready for preview within 14 working days. 

Q: Are you able to make extra copies of our DVD for our parents or family? ? 

Certainly, just let us know. 

Q: What if we have to go overseas after the wedding, how can we see the processed photos? ? 

We can upload the images onto a secure album section of our website and we will supply you with a username and password. 

Q: What about prints? How does that work? ? 

We only print images when couples want us to print images and the print prices are available for anyone who wishes to see that. Our packages do not come with prints as most of our clients opt to print images themselves. Our basic fee covers for all the images, one photographers on the day for however many hours that we’re booked, plus an assistant if necessary and also the hours that we spend processing our wedding images to fine art standards after the wedding day itself. 

There is a huge difference between the quality of a print you get from ‘The Warehouse’ as opposed to getting them done through a professional printing service.
Professional prints cost more of course but they are so much better! 

Q: Can we order pictures in frames? ? 

Yes. We have a large selection of frame sizes, qualities and styles that can be made to your specification. We can also print on to high quality canvas at your request. 

Q: How does ‘product voucher’ work? ? 


The idea of product voucher is to give you flexibility when choosing enlargements, albums or other products. Everyone is different and wants different things so product voucher allows you to choose. 

Q: Do we get Black and white and colour photographs?? 

Yes. All of your images are captured digitally. You can choose which images you may prefer to be changed. Our photoshop elves can makes changes to images if there are things that you require adjusting or removing. 

Q: Is there any chance that we could increase the number of professional touch ups? ? 

Certainly, please ask us for a quote. 

Q: What albums do you have? 

We provide crystal digital albums and handmade albums of Queensbury, they both provide a good choice of styles and sizes for you to choose from. 

Q: Who chooses the images to go into the album and how long does an album take? 

You Do. Once you have the DVD of all the images and have selected the images you want in an album, we will make a proof up and send it to you via email. You can then suggest changes which will be applied. Once you are happy with the layout, the album goes into production and about 4-6 weeks later you will receive the finished result. 


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